Guangzhou Libode New Material Co., Ltd. (GLNMC) was established in 2014. It’s a high-tech enterprise focused on Li-ion battery cathode materials production. GLNMC has built two production lines including1000 t/a NCM (523) and 300 t/a NCA.
GLNMC placed great emphasis on production research and development. We own a research team formed by Ph.D and senior experts. We use unique and efficient technological breakthrough frameworkto serve customers. Automatic production facilities, advanced synthesis technologies, and a whole set of testing systems including physical and electrochemical properties for Li-ion battery cathode materials will guarantee the product qualities. GLNMC’s crews have more than 15 years of working experience in Li-ion battery field. We set up strict control node inspections including purchase, raw material inspection, warehouse logistics, production inspection, sales and after-sales service.
With the rapid development of EV and our needs for high energy density batteries, NCA and NCM products will show their superiors in the near future. GLNMC has 300 t/a NCA productivity. NCA has high discharge capacity (190mAh/g), long cycle life (>800 cycles), and high tap density (>2.5g/cm3). It can be used in high energy density batteries and EV. NCA can be mixed with other cathode materials such as LiMn2O4 in any proportion to promote energy density. NCM523 also has the merits of high discharge capacity (160 mAh/g) and long cycle life (>1000 cycles). GLNMC has 1000 t/a NCM523 productivity and can give stable supplies to our customers.
GLNMC will be eager for the new challenges in the future. Core-shell materials and gradient materials have been synthesized successfully in our research center. “Professional Quality, Achievements of the Future” is our development strategy. “To be the navigator of Li-ion battery cathode materials manufacturing” is our vision. “Unity, Creation, Preciseness, Efficiency” is our spirit. GLNMC will make a contribution to the Li-ion battery development, and provide green, safe, and efficient energy for human’s comfortable life and modern civilization.

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